We have prices for both ad-hoc and regular support.

MailChimp Support Package £75 – Getting started with MailChimp Package

£35 – MailChimp Newsletter Package
This package is for one newsletter.

Blog Support Package
£35 – Blogging Package
We can upload and schedulule your blog posts.

Ad-Hoc Support
If you are not sure of the number of support hours you need, then maybe this is the best option for your business.
£30 per hour – minimum charge of 1 hour

Regular Admin Support
If you know that you require regular assistance with your tasks, then you can budget for a set number of hours support each month.

  • £75 per month – 3 hours support
  • £125 per month – 5 hours support
  • £250 per month – 10 hours support

Additional charges maybe apply.
Examples of additional charges include telephone calls, travel costs, stationery and postage.